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Petition: Trump to Declare the EU Institute as undemocratic, unelected illegal authority
A new petition has been sent to us here at Brexit News so that we can share with you. Petition is as follows

Petition: Trump to Declare the EU Institute as undemocratic, unelected & illegal authority


This international petition will be presented on behalf of the European citizens to US President D.J. Trump, with official evidence that will demonstrate the EU Institute has taken a coup at the sovereign European countries and gripped their power unelected. Sign this petition especially - as support -during the current elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy!

When US President D.J. Trump declares the EU Institution illegal, with no-authorization to negotiate on behalf of the European citizens, the EU Institute will be out of order, so democracy and sovereignty can return to the people of Europe and their countries. Without cooperation with the US, the existence of the EU Institute will be finished. The EU Institute future negotiations will be finally finished if the people of Europe, Trump (USA), UK (BREXIT) and Russia will not recognize the EU institution as an authority! The European citizens saves themself a referendum - costing millions - and the triggering of EU Article 50 - is no longer necessary for an EU exit (exit time between 4 and 8 years) - with a big bailout of billions Euro’s! An authority can only exist if it's acknowledged by people...

1. The - unelected - EU Institute has taken a coup at the European States and claimed illegally their own State, by taken away the democracy and sovereignty of the countries of Europe and his citizens. European countries and citizens are being held hostage by these illegal EU power.

2. The - unelected -EU Institute denies the sovereignty and democracy of the European countries, the EU referendum results from France, Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands have been ignored by the undemocratic, unelected EU Institute. The unelected EU Institute has no authority or power to act on behalf of European citizens and to introduce undemocratic laws. The illegal, undemocratic Lisbon Treaty in 2007 was only a replacement for ignoring the referendum results in Holland & France in 2005 for the European Constitution.

3. Without authorization / consultation of the European citizens, the unelected EU Institute has introduced a policy decision in 2008 to counteract the aging of the European population, by 60 million migrants to pull Europe in 2050.

4. The - unelected - EU Institute is guilty by deliberately endangering the citizens of terrorist attacks. The safety and survival of European citizens & culture cannot be guaranteed.

5. The - unelected - EU Institute has no authorization from the European citizens to consent the order to finance the huge costs (tax money) of the asylum seekers that is current taken inside the European countries. Which is a huge economic & western cultural attack on the people of Europe and their countries.

6. The - unelected - EU bureaucrats illegally claim the tax revenue of the European citizens, the bureaucrats granted themselves huge salaries incl. a top pension scheme, without tax payments (tax evasion). The retirement age of the - unelected - EU bureaucrats is 50 years (€ 9000, - p.m.), while the retirement age for most European taxpayers is even has been increased to 67 years.

7. Many former EU Commissioners in addition to their pension (from 50 years) gets top positions and a huge salaries at banks or multinational corporations. Widespread corruption and conflicts of interest can therefore not be ruled out.

8. The - unelected - EU Institute take away the rights of free speech and press freedom by committing censorship and propaganda on the European citizens.

D. J. Trump is against Globalism (CETA, TTIP) and is preferring to work with sovereign countries. 

Nigel Farage (Brexit) is a good relationship of D.J. Trump, so let's start a democratic revolution and liberate Europe together by signing this petition!



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