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Tory Social Media Blitz “Stop the Arguing”

The new Tory advert rolling out on social media everywhere features the voice of CCCHQ’s James Dinsmore urging an end to arguing. This is a refinement along the lines of the popular hashtag #BOBPTD “Bored of Brexit Pass the Deal”…The post Tory Social Media Blitz “Stop the Arguing” appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

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Tories Say Stop the Arguing

The new Tory advert rolling out on social media everywhere features the voice of CCCHQ’s James Dinsmore urging an end to arguing….The post Tories Say Stop the Arguing appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

* This article was originally published here

Son of Indian immigrants vows to ‘emancipate’ British voters from EU yoke

A BREXIT PARTY candidate whose Indian parents emigrated from colonial British Kenya to the UK believes voters are in dire need of “emancipation” from the yoke of the European Union - and has vowed to do his bit to free them.

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The 100 seats where tactical votes could win it for Boris and Brexit 

Tory strategists warn a few thousand votes could make the difference between Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn running the UK.

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The gaping contradictions between Labour’s promises and its refusal to get Britain out of the EU

Over the last week or so we have seen the Labour Party dream up an extra £58 billion to fund repayments to the so-called ‘WASPI Women’ who lost out on thousands of pounds each when the State Pension age was increased with little notice back in 2010. This policy was intended to keep the UK in line with EU regulations. The struggles of these women, and the stresses on their finances by not being given much notice to plan for this policy change, are not up for debate. By giving this commitment, with a lack of costing provided, Labour has made the same mistake they have made with vast swathes of their manifesto: it would be against EU law to repay these women, therefore should Labour want to move forward with this policy, first, they must actually Leave the EU – which is not Labour’s priority!Since 1978 the then European Economic Community (EEC) set in place regulation to force members to bring in pension age equality, so men and women benefit equally. The EU continued this policy and as …

The Conservatives are harnessing the Leave vote far better than Labour are doing with Remainers

Over the past week, the Conservatives averaged a 10-point lead in the opinion polls. The latest polling by Ipsos MORI puts Boris Johnson and his party on 44%, Labour on 32%, the Lib Dems on 13% and Brexit Party on just 2%. Considering that the Conservatives need to have at least a 6-point lead on election day if they are to gain a majority, this is a fairly solid position as the party moves into the final stretch. There are also some pretty good numbers for them in Scotland.Along with last week’s YouGov MRP poll estimating a 68-seat majority, the current betting odds are 64% for a Conservative majority, 34% for a hung parliament and only a 4% chance of a Labour majority. This means that the chance of a hung parliament is broadly similar to what we had for Brexit and Trump ahead of those shocks in 2016. My line remains: a Conservative majority is still the most likely outcome but a hung parliament is plausible.One reason why the Conservatives are heading towards a majority is because B…

The 2019 Election Battleground: Yorkshire and the Humber

OverviewCovers 54 seats across North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and the confusing amalgam of East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire formerly known as Humberside. Labour traditionally dominate the electoral landscape, especially in the former mining and industrial heartland of South Yorkshire and urban seats around Leeds, Bradford and Hull – although some of these seats also delivered massive votes for Brexit, with traditional Labour voters struggling to identify with the liberal metropolitan direction their party has taken in recent years. The greatest strength for the Tories here is in rural North Yorkshire, although they also hold a clutch of West Yorkshire marginals and are in contention in a number of seats across the region. The Lib Dems lost both seats they held here in 2017 but have high hopes of taking back Nick Clegg’s old stomping ground.Leave voteshare at the referendum in 2016: 57.7%2017 seat tally (compared with 2015)Conservatives: 17 (-2)Labour: 37 (+4)Lib…