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Brexit on a knife edge: Farage refuses to drop candidates with just HOURS until deadline

DEFIANT Nigel Farage last night refused to stand down candidates in Labour marginal seats despite mounting pressure from those who believe he could scupper Brexit.

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Average house price predicted to be £35,000 higher in five years’ time as Brexit angst falls

THE average house price is predicted to be £35,000 higher in five years’ time as Brexit angst falls, a report says.Savills expects the average price across Britain to lift from £231,000 in 2019 to £266,000 in 2024 — with the North out-performing the South.Getty - Contributor The average house price is expected to increase from £231,000 in 2019 to £266,000 in 2024 – thanks to Brexit[/caption]Spokesman Charlie Kannreuther said: “The economic pull of Manchester continues to be a major factor in the strength of the North West property market, and we’ve seen a notable increase in interest from buyers outside the area, particularly from London and the South East.“Wealth created through jobs in the city tends to migrate south to the outer suburbs and Cheshire villages such as Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Wilmslow.“The popularity of west Cheshire villages such as Tarporley and Malpas also continues to rise, with increasing demand pushing up valuesIn Scotland and the North East of England, hou…

Boris vows to unleash Britain's potential as he outlines ambition for UK post-Brexit

BORIS Johnson promised to unleash Britain’s full potential with ambitious plans to transform the economy after Brexit.

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Boris Johnson 'offers Nigel Farage a last-minute election pact'

Under the proposal, the Tories would have put up 'paper candidates' in dozens of Labour strongholds and done little campaigning in an attempt to give the Brexit Party a free run.

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Corbyn's free movement plan to see surge in immigration with up 840,000 newcomers a year

LABOUR proposals for extending free movement could send annual net migration soaring by up to 840,000 newcomers a year, new analysis published by the Tories estimated last night.

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Boris Johnson’s Brexit offer will take us to the desired destination – with a basic UK-EU trade deal in the interim

Boris Johnson’s Brexit agreement is the best option for Brexit currently available and one which deserves enthusiastic backing from the electorate next month. While there are more negotiations to be done and many months of effective EU membership ahead to endure, the end point will be precisely where we wanted to be all along – free from the EU’s laws and able to strike trade deals on our own, but integrated closely enough with EU markets to minimise disruptions and enjoy robust economic relations with our neighbours across the Channel.Nigel Farage has warned that the Johnson Withdrawal Agreement will end up keeping us inside the EU indefinitely. This view is based on the idea that the transition period contemplated by the agreement will be extended until the end of 2022, during which period the UK will remain subject to EU laws but with no say in their creation. Some fear this delay could open the door to another referendum, especially if Remain parties do well in the general electio…

Tories furious as David Gauke launches attack on Boris Johnson with no deal Brexit warning

FORMER Cabinet minister David Gauke angered senior Tories yesterday by claiming a Tory majority would lead to a "disastrous" no-deal Brexit.

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