'Sue Gray has pictures' Sir John Curtice pinpoints bombshell that could topple Boris

SIR JOHN CURTICE has pinpointed a bombshell revelation that could topple Boris Johnson, as Partygate continues to rumble on.
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  1. I hope John Curtis's has a set of immigration papers ready if he destabilise this government

  2. Get a grip.. UK government as lost all responsibility.... Torys placed a USA puppet at the wheel....

  3. Just go Johnson resign now, your only interest is you dragging this out to save your own neck

  4. Why can’t the media leave this alone. Beth Rigby had a party and i expect many other media people did too. FGS we are in the s*** and all they can bleat about is who had parties and which party had a party. Get a life.

    1. Well said.
      If they weren’t at a party they were at a March or protest.
      Hypocrisy is rife.


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