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I’m a flight attendant and this is where we sleep on planes

I’m a flight attendant and this is where we sleep on planes I’m a flight attendant and this is where we sleep on planes

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed where cabin crew sleep during a long-haul flight.

Often found on larger aircraft that are used for long-haul flights, the private cabin area offers a space for staff to get some well-deserved rest.

A flight attendant gave a tour of private cabin crew beds
Shannon is a flight attendant on transatlantic routes

Cabin crew member Shannon shared a behind-the-scenes look at secret beds on her TikTok account.

She captioned the video: “Have you ever wondered where cabin crew sleep during a flight?”

The clip showed a staircase leasing to a corridor of sleeping bunks.

Shannon then made the bed comfortable, removed her make-up and got some well-earned rest.

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Much like in First Class, the beds have seatbelts in case things start to get bumpy, and she joked: “Turbulence is bound to happen the minute you get in your bunk.”

Flight attendants on longer flights will work in shifts, alternating between serving passengers and getting some rest.

One viewer commented: “Looks more comfortable than the seats us normal people have to try and sleep in.”

A former flight attendant put: “Make-up off? I never did that, because would spend precious sleeping time putting make-up back on afterwards.”

Many other TikTok users commented on how the small sleeping cabins triggered their feelings of claustrophobia.

The Sun Online recently explained a secret code used by cabin crew to assess passengers – and how it could impact your journey.

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Another flight attendant has revealed three etiquette rules that all passengers should follow, including who gets to claim the armrests.

Meanwhile, a pilot explained the shocking reason why passengers should never take off their shoes during a flight.

Viewers said the cabin crew sleeping area made them feel claustrophobic

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