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Brexit POLL: Has EU exit helped in fight against Putin and to support Ukraine?

BREXIT has given Britain the freedom to determine its own response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine without being held back by the EU. But has Brexit helped the UK fight…

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  1. Yes it has

  2. Russia is not at fault, it's the corruption within Ukraine and broken agreements from the west in which all is controlled by the elite who want to destroy country's within and keep lying to the public, war is not a good thing no matter which way you look at it but these mad people lie and deceive all truths from what is really going on for self benefit. Ask yourself why Blair never got done for war crimes or sanctions. Why have they consistently blamed Russia over and over for years. They are trying to destroy Russia's economy like they have many other places. The war is done by the evil liars that control your news feed and censor truth tellers. Prove me wrong.


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