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‘You’re part of the problem!’ BBC QT audience member clashes with panellist over net zero

AN ANGRY BBC Question Time audience member has clashed with a panellist over Britain's net zero goals.
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  1. The whole concept of net zero is an unachievable ideology which can only be realised by a massive reduction in human population. It is also a fake agenda being pursued by people based upon just the last 40 years figures out of the whole of Earths history. The Thames would freeze solid every year around 400 years ago but thawed and stayed that way despite the industrial revolution not yet having happened. So this policy of assuming that all Earths temperature rises are due to carbon dioxide is clearly false. The sun's cycles are the main determinant. Unfortunately these carbon elimination terrorists are quite happy to ignore this fact. Much better, they think, to force everyone to have unsustainable and highly inefficient energy production, which ignores it's own climatic impact. What will be the total impact of building the many thousands of electric charging stations for all these short range cars we are having foisted upon us. Before the evolution of photosynthesising plants all the carbon dioxide now removed by this and locked up by subsequent sequestering of it into limestone by ancient sea creatures was in the atmosphere and guess what ? The Earth didn't burn up like Venus and is still here.