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Ukraine – Russia war latest: EU prepares MORE sanctions as Zelensky calls Russians ‘b*****s’ after atrocities in Bucha

THE EU is preparing to introduce more sanctions against Moscow following reports of atrocities in the outskirts of Kyiv.

Charles Michel, president of the European Council said he is: “Shocked by haunting images of atrocities committed by the Russian army in Bucha.

Michel, writing on Twitter, added: “Further EU sanctions & support are on their way. EU is assisting Ukraine & NGOs in gathering of necessary evidence for pursuit in international courts.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hit out at Russians after reports of civilians being shot in the streets of Bucha, near Kyiv. 

“Mothers of Russian soldiers should see that. See what b******* you’ve raised. Murderers, looters, butchers,” he wrote on Facebook. 

Meanwhile, the Russian defence ministry has denied claims by Ukraine that hundreds of civilians were killed by Russian soldiers in Bucha

It said the numerous photographs and videos published by Ukraine were a “provocation”.

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