Priti Patel is right to attack Left’s ‘synthetic outrage’ over Rwanda scheme

Priti Patel is right to attack Left’s ‘synthetic outrage’ over Rwanda scheme Priti Patel is right to attack Left’s ‘synthetic outrage’ over Rwanda scheme

Priti right to take on Rwanda ‘outrage’

PRITI PATEL is spot on in attacking the “synthetic outrage” of the Left over the Government’s Rwanda scheme.

As she points out, those bleating the most have no alternative to counter the people-smuggling gangsters who have sent so many to their deaths.

Priti Patel is right to attack the ‘synthetic outrage’ of the Left over the Government’s Rwanda scheme

At one stage the last Labour government had 400,000 asylum cases piling up.

Sir Keir Starmer would never tackle the eyewatering £5million it costs each day to house refugees in hotels while their claims are heard.

At present it is a system which punishes the taxpayer for widespread criminality that we have little chance of ever stopping.

The plan to fly economic migrants to Africa for asylum processing is the type of initiative that is long overdue.

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Patel slams Labour’s 'synthetic hysteria' over plan to fly migrants to Rwanda


Home Office is an incompetent mess… Boris will need to drive Rwanda plan along

It is clear that the scheme has been carefully considered and will be fair and targeted — unlike the confected rage of its opponents.

If it is going to work, it will take enormous reserves of determination to overcome the naysayers, not least the civil servants in Priti’s own dysfunctional Home Office.

Hardworking voters have been crying out for a bold solution to the economic migrant crisis.

The Government has finally provided one. It is vital Boris and Priti now make it work.

Go back or sell offices

IT IS a scandal that so many civil servants have not returned to their offices.

Thousands work from home, leaving Government buildings across the country virtually empty — despite taxpayers forking out billions in running costs.

The Serious Fraud Office has now rightly been told to downsize after Jacob Rees-Mogg found its swish central London headquarters almost deserted.

If mandarins won’t get back behind their desks in Whitehall buildings, these costly white elephants must be sold off.

And the public given their money back.

Sort rape case fiasco

WHAT an indictment of our justice system that it can take FOUR YEARS for a rape to produce a conviction.

Both the police and the courts are to blame for outrageous delays which can scar victims and leave the accused in limbo.

It is no wonder that the number of rapes being reported to the police is falling.

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If we are to support victims, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab must make reform a top priority.


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