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Inside Putin’s ‘Rusich’ neo-Nazi mercenaries who collect enemies’ EARS as they’re deployed to unleash hell in Ukraine

Inside Putin’s ‘Rusich’ neo-Nazi mercenaries who collect enemies’ EARS as they’re deployed to unleash hell in Ukraine Inside Putin’s ‘Rusich’ neo-Nazi mercenaries who collect enemies’ EARS as they’re deployed to unleash hell in Ukraine

RUSSIAN mercenaries who collect their enemies’ ears as trophies are being deployed to Ukraine, it was reported.

The Neo-Nazi Rusich band have been pictured near the Russian-Ukrainian border in an area where Vladimir Putin’s forces are expected to go on the offensive in coming days.

Rusich was founded by former paratrooper Aleksei Milchakov[/caption]
The group have been seen near the city of Kharkiv[/caption]

Also known as Task Force Rusich, the group is affiliated to the Kremlin-backed Wagner group of mercenaries, who have also been recently seen inside Ukraine.

Rusich was founded in St Petersburg in 2014 by Aleksei Milchakov,30, who trained as a paratrooper in the Russian army, and 33-year-old Yan Petrovsky.

It comes as…

It first earned notoriety when deployed to eastern Ukraine during the fighting there between Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military in 2014.

On Milchakov’s page on Russian social media site Vkontakte, he posted pictures that show him removing the ears of dead Ukrainian soldiers, reports The Times.



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There are also pictures of him carving the kolovrat, a swastika used on the Slav far right on their foreheads, which he boasted about in a 2020 interview.

Milchakov also freely admitted to being a neo-Nazi and said he “got high from the smell of burning human flesh”.

His Vkontakte page once featured a photograph of him cutting the head off a puppy when he was a teenager.

Milchakov and Petrovsky met at a programme run the Russian Imperial Movement, a white supremacist organisation.

It has called for the capture of Novorossiya, a named used by Russian ultra-nationalists for southern and eastern Ukraine.

The group is believed consist of a few hundred mercenaries whose insignia is the valknut, an old Norse symbol appropriated by white supremacists.

Its name is a reference to a mythical fortress in ancient Russia.

Rusich uses a an old Norse symbol appropriated by white supremacists[/caption]
The mercenaries first appeared in eastern Ukraine in 2014[/caption]
The mercenaries have ties to the Wagner group led by Dmitri Utkin

Rusich recently published a twisted cartoon of a Russian soldier returning home with bloodied looted gifts for his wife and son

“If you are a real man and a Russian, join our ranks,” read its caption.

You will spill litres of blood from vile Russophobes, and become rich and cool.”

On Wednesday they were pictured crossing into the area around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, in Z-marked vehicles.

Ukrainian defence officials expect a renewed assault by Russian forces in the region in the coming days as they try to regain the initiative in the Ukraine war.

Some of the Wagner group’s fighters have also served with Rusich and it also has an association with far-right extremist politics.

The military commander of the Wagner Group is former special forces commander Dmitri Utkin.

A picture pictured of man believed to be Utkin, shows him with Nazi SS bolts of lightning tattooed on his neck.

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Rusich left Ukraine in 2015 and Milchakov has been sanctioned by the EU for alleged war crimes there.

Since then Rusich is has deployed to Syria to fight, along with Wagner, on the side of the forces of the country’s blood-soacked Bashar al-Assad.

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