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I’m a mum & was terrified after seeing my daughter’s baby scan – she looked like a DEMON child

I’m a mum & was terrified after seeing my daughter’s baby scan – she looked like a DEMON child I’m a mum & was terrified after seeing my daughter’s baby scan – she looked like a DEMON child

SEEING your baby take shape on pre-natal scans is one of the joys of becoming a parent.

But one mum was horrified when she saw a “demon child” appear on the screen.

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Jade Boyland, 28, from Somerset, was so excited to see her first daughter’s baby scan[/caption]
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But unfortunately she ended up with a shot of a ‘demon’ baby[/caption]

Jade Boyland had hoped for a traditional shot of her baby’s side profile to share with friends and family during her 20-week scan.

But the mum was horrified when she spotted what appeared to be a tiny hunched figure with enormous eyes and long claw-like fingers – which looked more like the cartoon Salad Fingers.

The 28-year-old, from Chard, Somerset, said said the sonographer burst out laughing at the bizarre image and then quickly explained everything appeared fine.

Healthcare assistant Jade dubbed Lydia Elwood, now seven, her “demon child” and jokes her “sassy” personality matches the nickname.

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Jade shared her baby scan on a Facebook page and strangers were quick to make the connection to the creepy cartoon character.

Jade recalls: “She looked like Salad Fingers [with] big eyes and long fingers.

“The woman doing the scan started laughing. It did scare me at first, I didn’t know if it was normal.

“I asked ‘what is it? because it doesn’t look right’. She just explained that she was facing outwards, so I called her ‘the demon child’.

“She was facing outwards the whole time, we couldn’t get her to turn around.

“I tried to get her to move by getting up, going for a wee but nothing worked, she wouldn’t budge.

“I got a fright to begin with but I found it funny after. Friends and family laughed when they saw the scan. I don’t think many had seen one like that.

“I also saw comments online about the scan looking like Salad Fingers.”

On Facebook, strangers drew parallels to creepy cartoon Salad Fingers
Kennedy News
Jade’s daughter Lydia is now seven and she says her ‘sassy’ personality matches the ‘demon’ nickname[/caption]

Jade had the 20-week scan back in 2014 and Lydia was born months later via C-section, a perfectly healthy baby.

But Jade, who is currently 32 weeks pregnant with her third child, said she spent a frantic few months worrying what she was going to look like when she came into the world.

Jade, who is also mum to five-year-old George Elwood, said: “This was my first baby, I was quite excited about going to the scan.

“I was hoping to see a normal scan – the side profile – the normal ones people get.

“There were no more scans after that, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to come out.

“I had a c-section and when they handed her over to me I was checking her over.

“I was worried the rest of the whole time [pregnancy] what she was going to look like but she was fine once she came out. She was absolutely perfect.”

It did scare me at first, I didn’t know if it was normal. I called her the ‘demon child’

Jade Boyland28

Jade, whose partner is 33-year-old groundsworker Rob Jarvis, said that Lydia has lived up to her “demon” appearance – by having a “sassy” personality.

Jade joked: “She’s kept up her demon personality, she’s the same – seven years of hell.

“Everyone who meets her says she’s the sassiest child in the world.

“The tantrums started at the age of one. Everyone told me it was the terrible twos but it never went. That said I wouldn’t change her for the world.”

When Jade fell pregnant with her second child, George, she admitted she was nervous about how he would look on the scan.

Jade said: “It made me a bit nervous when I went in for scans with George, though he was absolutely fine in his scan pics.

“So I eventually got the pictures I wanted.”

She’s kept up her demon personality – seven years of hell. Everyone who meets her says she’s the sassiest child in the world

Jade Bowland28

Jade recently re-shared the snap, admitting: “Mine freaked me out”.

Commenting on Lydia’s scan, other parents said: “I’m having nightmares tonight” and “Omg is that claws??”

One mum commented: “That is NOT what you want to see!! So pleased you didn’t give birth to that image!!”

While others said: “This reminds me of Salad Fingers” and “Rusttyyy spoonss!”

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One concerned social media user asked Jade if her daughter was OK.

But Jade replied: “Yes she’s nearly seven now. She’s the devil though, should have known from the scan.”

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But she was perfectly healthy and any scan worries were only a joke[/caption]
Jade is also mum to George, five, bottom right, and is currently pregnant with her third child
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