I was charged almost £40 for just TWO vodka lemonades – I feel like I’ve been robbed

I was charged almost £40 for just TWO vodka lemonades – I feel like I’ve been robbed I was charged almost £40 for just TWO vodka lemonades – I feel like I’ve been robbed

A MAN who was charged almost £40 for just two vodka lemonades says he feels like he’s been “robbed”.

TikTok user YouBoyMoyo shared his outrage over the transaction along with a receipt after buying the two drinks at a London bar.

A London man was shocked when he saw the bill for two drinks[/caption]
He says his friend paid without checking the amount first

He says he went to Arts Club in Mayfair for a listening party for Kehlani’s upcoming album which provided free beverages.

After the event finished, he explained he and his friend wanted to buy another round of drinks.

In the video, he says he was shocked to see the hefty price tag for two vodka lemonades.

He says: “Someone call the feds, someone call the police. I’ve been robbed.

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“I’ve complained about London being expensive before but this is a whole other level of jinky minky. This is a whole different level of discombobulation.”

“This is the shambolic of shambolics.

“I even left it two days just for it to marinate in my brain so I can process what went on.”

He said his friend processed the payment without checking the amount first and was taken aback by the receipt for £39.10.

Two shots of vodka were billed at £28, the lemonade was £6 and a service fee of £5.10 was on the top.

He said: “I screamed! But inside I was celebrating. That vodka better have cured cancer.”

Viewers of the video were just as horrified with some pointing out the Ketel One vodka he was served can be found for just £22 online.

His story has also served as a reminder to check the amount on the card machines before making a payment.

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He replied to a comment: “I was too shocked! My body was taking screenshots. And remember my friend tapped his card without checking.”

The Sun has approached the Mayfair Arts Club for comment.

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