Changes to Britain’s MOT test branded ‘UNSAFE’ and a ‘distraction’ by leading expert

Changes to Britain’s MOT test branded ‘UNSAFE’ and a ‘distraction’ by leading expert Changes to Britain’s MOT test branded ‘UNSAFE’ and a ‘distraction’ by leading expert

A LEADING motoring expert has branded the proposed changes to Britain’s MOT tests “unsafe” and a “distraction”.

The government are considering extending the validity of the annual check-ups from 12 months to two years in a bid to ease the cost of living.

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Boris Johnson is considering extending the validity of MOT’s to two years[/caption]
Motor expert Duncan McClure Fisher said the move would make UK roads unsafe[/caption]

But the bold move – spearheaded by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps – has ruffled feathers in the motoring world.

Despite the proposal saving Brits up to £55 each year, experts believe motorists will instead pay the price in safety.

They fear the MOT test extension will simply act as a stop-gap in the midst of the cost of living crisis, while leaving the UK’s roads unsafe.

Duncan McClure Fisher, founder and CEO of MotorEasy, said of the controversial plans: “This approach from the Government strikes me as nothing more than a distraction from the core issue, which is that tax is too high.



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“What they should be addressing instead is the fact we need a reduction in fuel duty, as well as a drop in the rates of National Insurance and VAT.

“Doubling the time period MOT certificates are valid for will simply leave our roads unsafe just to save drivers £27 a year – half the cost of a standard MOT.”

And the concerned industry expert worries that without annual checks, the cost of all-round motoring maintenance will rise.

He continued: “Faults that many MOT testers deem to be advisory now would become compulsory as they’d know the vehicle wouldn’t be checked for another two years.

“This would result in drivers having larger bills, far outweighing the initial saving.”

Motoring body the AA also echoed McClure Fisher’s concerns, warning it would “make our roads more dangerous and would put jobs in the garage industry at risk.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering the proposal following discussions with his Cabinet on how to tackle the cost of living crisis without impacting Treasury coffers.

But previous research carried out by MotorEasy found that Brits could save around £2billion by making sure they get their MOT test done with their annual vehicle service.

After analysing around 5,000 MOTs and services every month, they found that 80 per cent of faults found in service procedures would be flagged in the MOT test anyway.

This means the service is unnecessarily duplicating work and labour costs.

Mr McClure Fisher added: “The problem is that even if you get faults repaired as a result of the service, you’ll still have to pay for the MOT anyway because that is a legal obligation for all vehicles.

“So when booking the two together you should always request the MOT is done first, so that there is less work to carry out on the service.

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“While we know that not every single car will require work at every service or MOT, there’s a good proportion of motorists who are needlessly doubling up on costs.

“With better planning and organisation of your car’s maintenance schedule, those costs could be avoided.”

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