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Who is Jamie Wallis?

Who is Jamie Wallis? Who is Jamie Wallis?

CONSERVATIVE Jamie Wallis made history as the first member of Parliament to come out as transgender.

But who is Dr Wallis and how long has he been in Parliament?

Jamie Wallis has come out as transgender.

Who is Jamie Wallis?

Tory MP Jamie Wallis came out as transgender in a tweeted statement on March 30, 2022.

He wrote: “I’m trans. Or to be more accurate, I want to be.”

He has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, adding, “I’ve felt this way since I was a very young child.”

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Wallis detailed some traumatic events from the past few years as part of his coming-out statement.

He said his father was told Jamie was trans by an individual in April 2020, who also sent pictures the MP’s family.

They had attempted to blackmail Wallis further, asking for money to “keep quiet.”

But the politician went to the cops, who “were so supportive, so understanding and on this occasion the system worked” adding that the alleged offender pleaded guilty and received jail time.

The Tory MP also revealed he was sexually assaulted on a date in 2021.

Wallis said: “I have not been myself since this incident and I don’t think I will ever recover.”

When did Jamie Wallis become an MP?

Wallis became Bridgend’s MP in 2019.

He is the first Conservative to clinch the Bridgend seat since the 1980s.

His colleagues have praised him for coming out.

Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted his support.

Johnson said: “Sharing this very intimate story would have taken an immense amount of courage.

“The Conservative Party I lead will always give you, and everyone else, the love and support you need to be yourself.”

What has Jamie Wallis said about being Britain’s first trans MP?

Wallis says he didn’t think he would come out until later in life.

In his statement, he added: “I had no intention of ever sharing this with you.

“I always imagined I would leave politics before I ever said this out loud.”

Parliamentary Whips have helped Wallis feel comfortable enough to reveal his identity, with the Conservative politician saying: “I’ve had a lot of support from the Whips since I was elected.

“Not for the reasons you might think, but there’s a lot that goes on in MPs lives and the Whips play an important wellbeing role – as far as I’ve seen they try their best to support and help MPs who are having a tough time.”

He added: “Well they’ve certainly earned their keep with me.”

Wallis closed their statement with a tribute to their fellow MPs.

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“Tonight, I was reminded of the incredible support those you work with can provide.

“I have never lived my truth and I’m not sure how. Perhaps it starts with telling everyone.”

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