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We’re on the precipice of WW3 & all Kim, Kanye & Pete give a damn about is their own pathetic war, says Piers Morgan

WHEN the coronavirus pandemic first engulfed the world with its soul-crushing, life-ravaging force, I mistakenly assumed the world’s more self-obsessed celebrities would take a much-needed time out from their constant virtue-signalling, dumb antics and narcissistic me-me-me cravings for attention.

Of course, I was labouring under a massive misapprehension.

Piers has blasted Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Kanye West for their petty war while real conflict is happening in Ukraine
Kim has moved on with comedian Pete following her split from Kanye[/caption]
It has led to a very public fallout between the rapper and Pete[/caption]

Instead, they promptly tried to make the killer virus all about them, from Gal Gadot’s absurd star-studded video rendition of Imagine where a bunch of mansion-owning multi-millionaires sang about a world with no possessions, to Madonna lying in a candle-surrounded bath full of rose petals, prattling on about the virus being the ‘great equaliser’, and Princess Pinocchio and Hypocrite Harry ratcheting up their perpetual whining about the Royal Family that enriched them.

So, when the war in Ukraine erupted, I knew with weary cast-iron certainty that many of the planet’s showbiz population would react in their usual crude, shameless, headline-grabbing manner to ensure our eyes weren’t too distracted by the appalling daily scenes of innocent women and children being bombed to pieces by Vladimir Putin.

Nothing, though, quite prepared me for the staggeringly selfish, inappropriate, insensitive and unctuous conduct of Kim Kardashian and the stupendously ghastly men in her life, Kanye West and Pete Davidson.

Not a day goes by without some new ‘breaking news development’ in their toxic, ugly feud, which in their pampered tunnel vision eyes is the only war any of us should really care about it.



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And every time I think they can’t possibly plummet any further into the abyss of cretinous spoiled brat nonsense, down they dive like spotlight-ravenous reptiles.

The nadir for this noxious trio arrived this week, coincidentally just as my covid-wrecked sense of smell showed the first signs of beginning to scent extremely pungent excrement-related odours.

For the blissfully uninitiated – and God, I envy you if you are, and apologise profusely for now enlightening you – Kim dumped her rapper husband Kanye last year and then hooked up with heavily-tattooed comedian Davidson whose exhaustive back catalogue of famous female girlfriends includes Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber and Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor.

Kanye took this well as you could imagine from the globe’s most thin-skinned inhabitant, releasing a record “Eazy” in which he threatened to ‘beat Pete Davidson’s a**’ and in the accompanying video, depicted a plasticine animated figure of Davidson being kidnapped, decapitated and buried alive.

He also called Davidson – who he nicknamed ‘Skete’ – a ‘d*ckhead’, ‘trash’ and ‘garbage’ and accused him of having an affair with Hillary Clinton.

This weekend, after Kanye spent the morning posting text message arguments between him and Kim about custody issues involving their kids, Davidson hit back, sniping, ‘I’m not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet’, and then branding Kanye ‘a little internet b*tch boy’ whose ‘actions are so p***y and embarrassing’ and told him to ‘grow the f*** up.’

When Kanye retorted with ‘Where are you right now?’, Davidson sent him a topless selfie with the words: ‘In bed with your wife.’


As they carried on attacking each other in this ever-more-unedifying manner, and Kim and Kanye carried on squabbling over their poor children, all of it promptly beamed to gazillions of people because – as they all know – Kanye shares every sordid detail with his followers in real time, Twitter and Instagram blazed with all the fresh barbs, gorging delightedly on this insane public horn-locking showdown.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I felt a surging sense of rage building inside me.

At the same time as these three supremely rich, famous, entitled imbeciles are trading stupid insults, Ukraine is exploding with horrifying scenes of murder and mayhem.

Maternity hospitals are being attacked, killing pregnant women and their babies.

Desperate refugees are being targeted as they tried to reach the safety of the border, their bodies incinerated as they made their bid for freedom.

Journalists are being shot and killed for courageously doing their jobs trying to tell us the truth about what’s happening on the ground.

Whole cities in one of Europe’s biggest countries are being destroyed in a non-stop orgy of violence by evil Putin’s brutal military.

And nuclear power plants have been hit by missiles, as the Russian dictator warns he will unleash his own nuclear arsenal on anyone who intervenes to stop his barbaric illegal invasion of a sovereign democratic nation.

Yet, as we stand on the potential precipice of World War 3, all Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Pete Davidson give a damn about is their own pathetically petty war, seemingly without a moment’s concern either for the welfare of the four young children caught up in their constant battles of b*tchy attrition, nor the far more important very real conflict causing such devastation in Ukraine.

To compound my anger, Kardashian thought this was the perfect moment to give advice for women in business, as she promoted her new reality TV show.

‘Get your f***ing ass up and work,’ she sneered to Variety magazine, ‘it seems like nobody wants to work these days.’

Putting aside the laughable irony of a woman born to huge wealth and privilege, who literally made her name from a sex tape involving extensive footage of her naked a**, and who now rakes in millions by having TV cameras follow her and her dimwit family around 24/7 as they lead their vacuous lives, lecturing anyone about what it means to do a real job, my mind went to the extraordinary women of Ukraine.


Day after day, hour after hour, we see them dodging bombs or carrying their hungry, crying kids for miles after leaving their homes and dreams behind them, as their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons wage real fight-to-the-death war with Russian invaders determined to take everything they have.

And the one thing we never see from any of these astonishingly brave, heroic people is an ounce of self-pity or self-aggrandisement.

The juxtaposition of these remarkably selfless Ukranians, led by their brilliantly inspiring President Zelensky, fighting for their very lives and freedom, and the remarkably self-absorbed likes of Kardashian, West and Davidson fighting each other for Instagram bragging ‘likes’ and TV ratings is so jarring it makes me want to physically puke.

Yet this is the inevitable consequence of a society which puts such egotistical monsters on a pedestal so high that they genuinely believe their own relationship bullsh*t is of more vital public interest than a genuine war.

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And not even the prospect of the entire planet being extinguished in a nuclear holocaust can quench their nauseating self-promotional thirst.

If only one positive thing emerges from the Ukraine war, other than a reminder of the awesome power of human resilience and spirit in the face of terrible adversity as epitomised by the Ukrainian people, let it be that we condemn the Kims, Kanyes and Petes to the dustbin of utter irrelevance where they belong.

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Pete posted a pic of him in Kim’s bed as he and Kanye argued over text[/caption]
kim kardashian / instagram
Bitter arguments between Kim and Kanye over their four kids have also played out in public[/caption]
Kim and Kayne are getting divorced[/caption]
She has been dating Pete after growing close following an SNL sketch last year[/caption]

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