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Shocking moment two brothers slash cops during crazed knife rampage in shopping centre

Shocking moment two brothers slash cops during crazed knife rampage in shopping centre Shocking moment two brothers slash cops during crazed knife rampage in shopping centre

TWO brothers slashed police officers during a crazed knife rampage in a shopping centre, harrowing footage shows. 

Maninder Hunjan, 26, and Parminder Hunjan, 37, swung their blades when PC Leon Mittoo and PC James Willetts tried to search them.  

Maninder Hunjan, 26, attacked police officers at a shopping centre[/caption]
Brother Parminder, 37, also lashed out when officers tried to search them[/caption]
A knife was used to attack the officers[/caption]

The officers told terrified onlookers to get back before wrestling both men as they lashed out in West Bromwich, West Midlands, last July. 

PC Mittoo suffered a slash wound to his head which required stitches and cuts to his hand while PC Willetts suffered a wound to the back of his head. 

The brothers had smoked cannabis before launching their attack.

An armoury of weapons including a BB gun, a revolver, a machete, a serrated blade, a hammer and a Bushman’s knife was also found in Parminder’s rucksack. 


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Both officers said they thought they were going to die. PC Mittoo added: “I was bleeding. I intended to survive.

“I can’t remember how many times he tried to stab me, my stab vest protected me. Numerous times, many on my back.”

PC Willetts first saw the brothers wearing thick coats and gloves outside Boots, which he thought was suspicious during a heatwave. 

PC Mittoo decided to search them but Parminder lashed out when he began jogging to catch up and asked them to stop.

Parminder dropped his backpack on the floor and rummaged through it before finding the knife. 

The pair were cleared today of attempted murder of both officers but convicted of wounding with intent in relation to the attack of PC Willetts at Wolverhampton crown court.

Parminder was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to PC Mittoo while Maninder was cleared of assaulting the same officer.

Both men were found guilty of possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and will be sentenced on May 9.

Prosecutor Richard Sutton QC said: “The brothers were not carrying firearms for fun. It was an armoury intended to cause others to fear violence.”

Parminder Hunjan blamed his “prolonged cannabis use” for not thinking clearly and claimed he did not try to stab anyone.

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Maninder Hunjan told jurors he was “paranoid and anxious” at the time and thought the police officers were “trying to attack him and his family”.

He said he did not realise they were police and that he was under the influence of cannabis while out shopping with his brother and sister.

PC Leon Mittoo and PC James Willetts thought they were going to die[/caption]
PC Willetts treated for a head injury[/caption]
Parminder’s rucksack had an armoury of weapons[/caption]

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