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Russian sanctions must not be lifted even if Putin fully retreats from Ukraine

Russian sanctions must not be lifted even if Putin fully retreats from Ukraine Russian sanctions must not be lifted even if Putin fully retreats from Ukraine

Friend in need

EVEN amid the carnage of war, President Zelensky retains a calm and rational grasp of exactly who his friends are.

Britain “is definitely on our side”, he says. “It is not performing a balancing act. Britain wants Ukraine to win and Russia to lose.”

Russian sanctions must not be lifted even if Putin fully retreats from Ukraine[/caption]

Compare that with those compromised by their over-reliance on Russian energy and reluctant to commit more weapons or impose more sanctions.

Of France and President Macron, ­Zelensky says: “They are afraid of Russia. And that’s it.”

Of Germany: “They are trying to be balanced. They are making a mistake.”

Meanwhile Sleepy Joe Biden had helped Ukraine, he said, but “more slowly than we needed”.

Boris Johnson’s Government has been admirably robust.

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Russian soldiers appear terrified as they are awarded medals for Ukraine

Yet two Cabinet ministers say sanctions may be lifted if Russia fully retreats and commits to peace.

Why? Without provocation it has slaughtered thousands, enslaved 40,000, displaced ­millions and annihilated towns and cities to leave them uninhabitable.

There are even extraordinary claims that it may have poisoned ceasefire negotiators, including Putin’s ally Roman Abramovich.

Why would Russia not now be a global pariah, isolated for a generation, or at least while the current regime remains?

And why, given the lies spewing 24/7 from the Kremlin, would we ever trust a word it utters about peace?

Have we learned nothing about this criminal tyranny?

Willy wonky

WHY does Keir Starmer find the penis poser so hard?

He insists all trans women, born male but identifying as female, are women.

Given that some have not had surgery to remove their male organ, he is left with only one logical answer: “Yes. Women can have a penis.”

Why can’t Labour’s leader just say it, instead of blustering limply on the radio?

It’s because he knows that most voters beyond woke millennials in London and our university cities would respond “No, they can’t” — and agree with Boris Johnson that “the basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important”.

This issue is enraging increasing numbers of women. Starmer needs a definitive answer. So does Boris.

Tackle this head-on, gents — it will keep popping up.

Oscars bash

WILL Smith’s Oscars performance, ­dispensing instant justice for his wronged wife, was a stinker.

True, Chris Rock’s joke was crass and cruel if he knew about Jada’s alopecia. But Will laughed until he saw her face.

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Abramovich 'went blind for hours & skin peeled off' after suspected poisoning

At which point heckling back wasn’t enough for him. He had to be seen, by a global audience, taking violent revenge.

It was no example to set, especially to millions of kids who idolise him.

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