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Royal Family news – Inside secret plan to rush Queen, Charles, Boris, William & Kate to safety if Russia launches nukes

SECRET plan to get the Cabinet and Royal Family to safety if a nuclear missile hits the UK has been revealed.

In the event of a nuclear attack on the UK there are detailed plans to move the Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, The Monarch and others out of the capital and into secret bunkers around the country.

A previous Cold War-era strategy was to relocate these heads of powers would be at an underground shelter underneath Corsham in the Chiltern Hills.

It apparently had enough room for hundreds of people, supplies and communications equipment, but this plan no longer applies as its location has been known for decades.

Now, new contingency plans are in place, but remain much of a secret – for obvious reasons.

Top-level royal evacuation would involve protecting the direct line of succession – The Monarch, Prince Charles, Prince William and his family are given priority in different remote locations.

The details of locations and strategy are drawn up by a working group from the Cabinet Office, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Ministry of Defence and diplomatic protection.

Read our Royal Family live blog below for the latest updates…

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