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Asteroid 2022 ES3 LIVE – Space rock the size of a bus makes close pass to Earth – and telescope lets you watch online

The “close approach” of Asteroid 2015 DR215 was expected Friday morning, with another space rock passing close to Earth Sunday afternoon.

Asteroid 2022 ES3 passed between the Moon and Earth at around 2.18pm ET on Sunday, March 13, Newsweek reported.

The Virtual Telescope Project launched a Livestream of the asteroid’s “very close, but safe, encounter with us” on its WebTV page, which began at 6.30pm UTC on Sunday (1.30pm ET).

Meanwhile, Asteroid 2015 DR215 was expected by experts at Nasa to fly past Earth in the early hours of Friday morning, with the agency’s “close approach” chart listing the exact time as 6.40 UTC.

Neither Asteroid was considered a threat to the Earth.

Read our Asteroid 2022 ES3 live blog for the latest news and updates…

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