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Six people hospitalised with ‘breathing difficulties’ as leisure centre evacuated amid major drama

SIX people have been hospitalised with breathing difficulties as a lesiure centre was evacuated.

Four members of the public and two staff members fell ill after a suspected chemical leak.

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Six people were hospitalised after a leisure centre was evacuated[/caption]

Another four were treated for breathing difficulties but did not go to hospital after this afternoon’s incident at the Loftus Leisure Centre in Saltburn, North Yorks.

Cleveland Fire Brigade’s Craig Strike said the crew believe a harmful substance was released, which occurs sometimes with some chemicals that are used while cleaning the swimming pool.

An eyewitness said: “I was walking the dog and saw two ambulances coming away from the leisure centre.

“I came down to have a look, there was loads of fire and ambulance here.

“Five men were in special suits. We then got told to move back.

“Someone said it was a chemical leak but I couldn’t smell anything.”

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