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My dog is 6ft, weighs 15stone, and is so big people think he’s a COW

A DOG owner has revealed that his beloved pet weighs a staggering 15stone, reaches a height of 6ft when standing on his hind legs, and has been mistaken for a cow rather than canine.

Diego the Great Dane lives in east London with his owner Carlos, originally from Brazil.

Diego has been mistaken for a cow due to his size and black and white fur[/caption]
Diego takes the tube with Carlos and even uses the seats like a human[/caption]

Children have mistaken the enormous dog for a cow due to his size and the black and white colouring of his fur.

Carlos bought Diego as a puppy in 2015 despite his wife Ellie being terrified of dogs.

It took 17 years to persuade her to own a dog of any kind, let alone one of the biggest breeds in existence.

Yet Diego, who appears to be more human than animal, was the perfect match.

Carlos told MyLondon: “Now, if I asked her to choose [between] me or Diego, Diego would stay.”

Six years since bringing him home for the first time, Carlos and Diego are inseparable.

As a true man’s best friend, Diego accompanies Carlos to work, restaurants, and they even ride the tube together.

Carlos has also explained that despite the dog’s size, Diego will always sit on his owner’s lap, whether it’s on the sofa, the tube, or simply to put his shoes on.

On sunny days, they travel by motorbike and sidecar, riding in style side-by-side with Diego wearing his very own doggles (doggy goggles).

The pair often visit The Bike Shed together, a motorcycle club in Shoreditch, where Diego has become the venue’s first, non-human Gold Member.

Carlos said: “When we go there, it says on the table: ‘This table is reserved for Diego and his human.”

This unmistakable pet has become famous in east London as a result of both his looks and personality.

Diego is so popular that people stop to take photos with him, which has started causing problems such as traffic jams and crowds on the underground, as people just cannot resist stopping to meet the big guy or snap his photo.

On one occasion, the dynamic duo were stopped by police while riding the motorbike and sidecar.

Carlos thought they were in trouble, but the officers just wanted to take their photo like everyone else!

Carlos has now taken to wearing a balaclava to keep a low profile as his loveable hound appears to be taking on celebrity status.

Diego even has his own Instagram profile which is fast approaching 5k followers, suggesting that he has a growing army of online fans as well as those that stop him in the street.

Carlos says: “If you want to meet people and make friends, walk a Great Dane in London.”

Man’s best friend: Diego and his owner Carlos are inseparable[/caption]
Ellie, Carlos’ wife, used to be terrified of dogs but now owns two of one of the biggest breeds[/caption]
Carlos often gets stopped in the street so that people can meet and photograph his furry friends[/caption]

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