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Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury launches his own brand with Iceland

TYSON Fury is aiming to become a big hitter with shoppers — by launching his own brand with Iceland.

The 6ft 9in heavyweight boxing champ, 33, has agreed a tie-in with the budget supermarket for his upcoming range called “Furocity”.

We imagine what the boxing champ would look like after taking a trip to Iceland

His deal is to create food and drink supplements, but could branch out into “junk” products.

The first product to hit the shelves will be an energy drink with as much caffeine as two cups of coffee that comes in cherry, apple and raspberry flavours.

A source said: “Tyson’s deal with Iceland will give customers healthy options certified by him.

“But the trademarks for the line also include pizzas, pastries, confectionery and even beer.”

Packaging for Tyson’s new drink has a shiny black and red design, with a photo of his face.

It appears alongside the slogan: “Unlike my opponents, Furocity packs a real punch. It’s about hitting your day harder and making the moment count. It’s a feeling you can’t bottle. So I put it in a can.”

Another source said: “You would have thought he would have been trying to flog healthy food and drink — not something like this.”

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