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British families face paying £160 MORE to drive rental cars in Europe this summer

BRITISH families face paying £160 MORE to drive rental cars in Europe this summer due to high demand.

Tourists are expected to pay “125 per cent more” after many car hire companies sold off their fleet during the pandemic.

Car rental prices have SOARED[/caption]

And companies have been unable to restock due to component shortages – meaning the price of renting is now soaring.

Before the pandemic, Brits would pay £99 for a week’s car rental – but now according to research from Which? they will have to fork out a whopping £223, reports The Mirror.

Latest data shows the highest weekly rate last August was £968 for a VW Polo in Iceland.

Just two years ago it cost just £300.

In Zadar, Croatia, an Opel Vauxhall Corsa for 10 days cost £949 last August – compared to under “250 in 2019.

It comes as Brits are being warned they should check their destination country’s Covid entry rules before they head abroad during the half-term holidays.

You could get turned away if you show up at the airport without meeting the requirements.

A growing number of EU countries are putting an expiration date on vaccine certificates – so if you had your second jab too long ago, it becomes invalid.

The only way to still gain entry to the country is if you’ve had your booster jab within 14 days of travelling.

So while some fully vaccinated Brits are still able to head on their hols, others who had their jabs longer ago won’t.

Popular EU holiday spots including Spain and France have put a 270 day expiration date on vaccination certificates.

That means that those Brits who had their second dose before May 2021 and have not yet had their booster will be considered unvaccinated.

Italy and Austria have put an even stricter time limit on vaccines at 180 days – that’s just six months.

So Brits heading to either of those destinations will need to have had a booster if they received their second vaccine before August, 2021.

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