My dad is a terrible boss – he’s making me work 10 hours a day with NO time off and calls me weak for complaining

A WORKER has revealed that he is forced to work ten hours a day at his father’s restaurant with no time off and is regularly accused of being “weak.”

The disgruntled son believes he has been exploited by his father’s antics and is now considering calling time on his job.

A worker has shared how he is exploited and bullied by his father at work

The Reddit user explained that he moved back to his hometown to pursue a dream career in gastronomy.

But things soon took a turn for the worst when his shift demands increased and he was forced to work longer hours.

The user said: “I began to work a 3 to 11 shift for 3 months, which is common in my area, but now my father who owns the restaurant and the chef of the kitchen got us working 10 hour days.

“They have removed our only day off which was Sunday and they said it was going to be like that for 45 days.

“I just cant handle it.”

The desperate son added that he was being stretched to the limit during his shift as his father encouraged him to prioritise money over wellbeing.

“I’ve been trying my best and at times, when we worked 8 hours, six-day weeks, I was doing just fine,” he explained.

“But now my father says I’m weak and that having time to rest is not as important as making as much money as possible now.

“How do you guys see this situation?”

The post received several comments – with many encouraging the worker to stand up for himself.  

One user wrote: “No you’re not wrong. If you need the rest you need the rest, and you need the rest.”

While a second added: “I know it’s your dad, but I’d probably quit. what he’s demanding is unreasonable.

“Find another job somewhere else because your dad does not respect his employees.”


The family feud follows the woes of a fellow desperate worker who’s boss complained that she is “slower than a 70-year-old”.

Posting on Reddit, the staffer described the incident that made her quit her job, seeking advice from other web users.

She explained that she is the only worker at a pet kennel and said that the centre is particularly busy this time of the year.

She added that there are two sides of the kennels that she was supposed to hose down but admitted she only had time to finish the right side after cleaning and feeding all the cats.

Towards the end of her shift, she claimed that her boss was unhappy with her performance and kept making comments about how “he doesn’t understand how a 70-year-old can get what I do done plus the left side”.

The employee claimed that she tried to explain she did not have enough time to complete the job but said her boss “snapped” at her.

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