Devastating poll shows 94% in favour of revoking Tony Blair’s knighthood

SIR TONY BLAIR has been awarded a knighthood in the Queen's New Year's Honours list and Express readers are furious.
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  1. In 2003 Blair took the UK into a war with IRAQ on one great big egotistical lie the lie being Iraq had "Weapon of Mass Distruction", A war that nobody in the UK wanter, Millions protested and marched on the Government to show how much the British people were against, But Blair being US president Bush's lap dog at the time went along with it, A Britis Weapons David Kelly who declared there was no WMD mysteriouslt died?? War was declared with million died or murdered all on Blair's watch, Aad thats why us British are so angrey that Blair with so much blood on his hands was given his Title, Blair should have been charges with War crimes and jailed.


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