Boris Johnson POLL: Should PM resign after admitting attendance at Downing Street drinks?

BORIS JOHNSON has admitted to attending a drinks gathering in the garden of Downing Street in May 2020, when Britons were told they were not allowed to meet with more than one other person outdoors.…
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  1. I can't for the life of me understand why he is still in office, he's a bigger liar than May and as arrogant as Blair, sack the bugger now or the Tory Party is finished.

  2. NEVER had a clue how a Prime Minister should run the UK--but he did get Millions for his DAD and put his brother in the House of Lords--also assembled a troupe of foreigners in his government including notoriously UNSUCCESSFUL Priti Useless Patel and with Buffoon Boris in charge the UK was going from bad to worse with people being allowed into this country to overload ALL the SERVICES (schools/hospitals/roads etc etc )the one and only decent thing and correct thing to do is TO RESIGN for the good of the UK

    1. Also his friend has the contracts in Serco for illegals ,no wonder he wont stop them


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