Boris Johnson covid announcement – Omicron ‘will kill 100x FEWER people than Delta and may be milder than seasonal flu’

OMICRON may kill 100 times fewer people than Delta and could be milder than seasonal flu, scientists reportedly believe.

Analysis of recent data shows covid killed one in 33 people who tested positive in January 2021 compared to just one in 670 now, MailOnline claims.

And researchers at Washington University modelling the next stage of the pandemic expect Omicron to kill up to 99 per cent fewer people than Delta suggesting it could end up being less deadly than flu the news site claimed.

Yesterday Sajid Javid revealed that Omicron is up to 90% milder for boosted Brits, and cases have dropped for a third day in a row.

A killer combination of boosters and groundbreaking antiviral drugs have put the country on a much better footing to fight Covid, he said.

Covid cases yesterday fell for the third day in a row, as 178,250 more infections have been reported.

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