You’re using your Sky TV wrong – genius remote hack is a huge time saver

YOUR Sky box is full of tricks – and there’s a great time saver you need to know about.

There’s an easy way to quickly navigate back to the previous channel.

A TikTok video has revealed a clever Sky hack[/caption]
Your Sky remote has many hidden secrets[/caption]

So if you were just watching another channel, you can very easily go back to it.

It works using two different methods, depending on the remote that you have.

The hack was shared on TikTok by tech store Wades in Cambridgeshire.

And Sky users seem impressive with the clever trick.

“A quick Sky hack for you,” the Wades tech expert explained.

“if you wanna go back to the previous channel without typing in the number, all you have to do if you have the standard remote is press the right blue key.

“If you have the touch control, swipe right.

“It’ll come up with your last channel.

“And just press the middle button. It’ll take you straight to that channel.”

TikTok fans in the video comments were loving it.

One said “great tip” and another called it “awesome”.

This isn’t the first Sky TV hack we’ve seen on TikTok.

A mum recently shared an “amazing” Sky TV trick that lets you quickly skip through content.

It works using the voice control function on the new Sky Q remote.

And you may also be surprised to learn about a hidden function in the Sky Q remote to help you find it if it’s lost.

The Sky remote has a speaker built into it so you can locate it when it’s fallen down the back of the sofa.

Here’s how to find a lost Sky remote in seconds.

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