Macron Turns Migrant Crisis Blame on Mrs T

Macron Turns Migrant Crisis Blame on Mrs T

Macron has found yet another person to attribute responsibility for the migrant crisis, once again avoiding taking any himself. Today it’s Mrs Thatcher who apparently caused the crisis by liberalising the British economy. At a press conference at the Elysée he implied the mass flow was party Boris’s fault for allowing asylum seekers to claim refugee status in the UK before leaving France, and partly Maggie’s for creating an “opaque” system, enabling foreigners to find jobs in Britain when in the country even without authorisation. What exactly are the French doing with our £54 million? 

Macron also said:

“Britain is a great nation, a neighbour and friend and our history and geography will not change. [But] it is true that we have a difficult relationship [with the British government] and why is it difficult? Because the current government . . . basically it does not do what it says.”

Because our strained relationship with the French began in 2019…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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