I’m a doctor and this is the truth about cracking your knuckles

MANY people feel hugely satisfied when they crack their knuckles.

But that satisfaction soon goes away, when a parent or friend or even partner warns you not to do it ‘or else you’ll get arthritis’.

If you’ve ever cracked your knuckles – it’s likely someone would have warned you that it ’causes arthritis’[/caption]
Mutahir Farhan, revealed the real reason why our joints crack[/caption]

One doctor has now revealed the truth behind cracking your knuckles and if it really can cause arthritis.

Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint.

There are different types of the condition and one of the parts of the body that is most affected is the hands.

Responding to a TikTok video of one user who had been clicking her knuckles and her joints, on his account ‘Mad Medicine‘, practising doctor Mutahir Farhan, revealed the real reason why our joints crack.

He explained: “A lot of people tend to think that cracking your knuckles is going to lead to arthiritis.

“But that’s actually not true.

“When you crack your knuckles you’re actually popping the bubbles that are formed in your joints in your synovial fluid.”

Farhan, who is a second year medic in California in the US, said that synovial fluid is the fluid that is located in the joint space that functions as a lubricant for our joints.

He added: “The truth is there is no harm to cracking your knuckles.”

But if you don’t believe Farhan, then he said there was actually another doctor who conducted a medical study into knuckle cracking.

He said: “Dr David Onger actually cracked the knuckles on his right hand ONLY, for 60 years and then compared them to his left hand.

“He found that there were no changes in his joints”.

Farhan said the study showed that there had been no difference in his left or right hands, despite him cracking his knuckles repeatedly on one.

“In 2009 he won a Nobel prize prize for his research”, he added.

Previous studies have also questioned whether or not cracking your knuckles can cause issues.

A Californian study in 2017 found that people who did click their knuckles had the exact same levels of physical function and ligament weakness as those who didn’t.

It’s not just our knuckles that crack, and our shoulders, neck and wrists can also do this.

As Farhan explained, the reason they make a sound when they click is due to a change in pressure and volume within the synovial membrane.

The sudden change in position and the blood pressure change that takes place causes the gases in this fluid to create bubbles – causing the clicking sound.

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