Government Spaffs £314 Million on Now-Cancelled Green Homes Scheme

Government Spaffs £314 Million on Now-Cancelled Green Homes Scheme

Boris’s green industrial revolution is hardly off to a flying start. It’s been revealed that the government’s green homes grant scheme – which cost £314 million to install heat pumps and solar panels – has fallen dramatically short of its targets, upgrading just over 47,000 houses out of the 600,000 as planned, and somehow flushing away £50 million of taxpayers’ cash on admin alone. Probably explaining why the whole scheme was scrapped after just 6 months.

According to the Public Accounts Committee, the “poorly designed” and riddled with inefficiencies scheme, with roughly £1000 spent per home exclusively on administration costs, and massively underdelivering on the promised job opportunities:

“delivered a small fraction of its objectives, either in environmental benefits or the promised new jobs”

Guido agrees with Labour chair Meg Hillier, who described the scheme as a “slam dunk fail”. Perhaps the only consolation is the scheme was scrapped before they managed to spend the full £1.5billion as originally planned. It really puts the cost of Isulate Britain’s utopian demands into context…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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