US sounds alarm bells as Senator warns Britain to fix Brexit protocol over peace fears

A US SENATOR told the UK and EU to "come to the table" and resolve the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol as he echoed concerns from American politicians who think invoking Article 16…

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  1. And a fat lot he'd know about it. Surely fixing the border issue will get things back to normal. We had no problems before Brexit. Despite there being a border people and products went each way without issue. The problem is sour grapes from the EU deliberately holding up trade for their own petty vinditiveness! Despite the miniscule amount of trade which would have no affect on the single market they have created more layers of red tape in the hope that Britain would surrender to their rules and courts. America wouldn't stand for this nonsense! So why do they expect Britain too? They are trying to do the globalist work for them and it won't wash. Britain must have full right to trade within its own borders including Ireland with no interferences from the EU if we are to be a sovereign country ! No IFS . No buts!


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