MPs Declare a Staggering £274,109 This Month Alone From Second Jobs Despite Sleaze Row

MPs Declare a Staggering £274,109 This Month Alone From Second Jobs Despite Sleaze Row

Despite the ongoing sleaze row, MPs continue to rake in thousands of pounds from second jobs. This month Guido went through the register of interests and totted up all the money MPs are making through their sleazy second jobs…

This month alone MPs have declared a combined £274,109 on top of their generous £81,932 MPs salary from lucrative second gigs. Highlights include:

  • Sir Geoffrey Cox who received £54,000 this month alone for legal work he carried out in August.
  • Keir “No Second Jobs” Starmer who earned £135.78 in book royalties. 
  • David Lammy who earned an additional £3,895.00 this month for speakers events. Earlier this week Guido revealed that Lammy has earned £150,000 since 2010 on articles and speaking gigs. 
  • Jess Philips who earned £2,240.00 from Independent articles.
  • Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross declares. £6,728 for football referee work from November 2020 to January this year. He was forced to apologised for failing to declare his salary prior to now…
  • Sir William Cash who earned £31,800.00 working as a solicitor for William Cash & Co.
  • Ms Nusrat Ghani who receives £60,000 per year for working just 7 hours a month as the Non-executive Chairman of the Belfast Consortium Supervisory Board.
  • Andrew Percy who earned £3,000 per month for providing strategic advice on UK/ Canada/ Eu to the Advisory Board of Iogen Corporation.

This comes as Boris Johnson backs a ban on some second jobs, though it’s not likely many of the above would be affected by his watered down proposals. Despite the damaging corruption scandal MPs are still raking in the dough… 

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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