Lukashenko’s Playing from the Macron Playbook

Lukashenko’s Playing from the Macron Playbook

Guido can’t help observing the diplomatic crisis currently playing out on the Poland/Belarus border this week bears more than a few similarities with Britain’s own illegal migrant crisis. Lukashenko has been accused of deliberately funnelling migrants through Belarus to destabilise EU nations in revenge for sanctions, something he denies. The EU is now considering sanctions against Belarus, despite Lukashenko’s actions bearing a resemblance to Macron’s wilful blindness when it comes to allowing migrants to flow across the channel every day. Today Belarus even threatened to cut off their neighbour’s energy supply – mirroring Macron’s minister’s own electricity supply threat to Britain last month. At least the UK foreign office is being consistent in its condemnation of both Macron and Lukashenko…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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