Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

FROM January, Amazon is making changes to the way we pay for our shopping on the server.

Will this mean we’ll be able to use PayPal?

The online retailer admits changes to its payment methods as “inconvenient”[/caption]

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

Yes, you can technically use your PayPal account to buy things on Amazon, but you will need to jump through some hoops in order to do it.

The thing to consider is why PayPal isn’t officially accepted on Amazon.

Firstly, PayPal is historically associated with eBay, one of Amazon’s main competitors.

Secondly, the payment service competes with Amazon’s own brand, Amazon Pay.

This could lead both companies to shy away from integrating their services more natively.

There are two main ways to use your PayPal balance to buy products on Amazon: one involves applying for PayPal’s (free) Cash card, and the other uses gift cards to get around the lack of integration entirely.

A PayPal Cash card is effectively a Mastercard tied to your PayPal balance.

It’s accepted anywhere a normal Mastercard is accepted, including Amazon.

This means you can use the physical card in shops or the card number in countless online shops.

If it’s not possible for you to get a PayPal Cash card, you still buy products on Amazon with gift cards.

You can buy Amazon gift cards with your PayPal account from various outlets -including eBay!

Why have Amazon stopped taking Visa credit cards?

From January, UK shoppers will not be able to pay for Amazon goods using a Visa credit card – blaming a “high cost of payments”.

The online retailer admits its decision is “inconvenient” for customers but insists it is in their best interests.

Visa accused the company of restricting choice.

It is understood Amazon is frustrated at a rise in so-called interchange fees – additional cross-border costs – which it believes have risen five-fold since Brexit.

Such fees, payable by Amazon itself or merchants on its platform, would erode margins and raise prices if passed on.

What other payment methods can you use on Amazon?

You can still use Visa debit cards to pay for your items, as well as Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

You can also use gift cards and vouchers.

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