Wonk Watch: More IEA and ASI Reshuffling

Wonk Watch: More IEA and ASI Reshuffling

Forget Boris’s cabinet reshuffle, the changes going on among the Tufton Street Mafia make for much more interesting reading. Back in September Guido revealed the ASI’s Matt Kilcoyne had decided to depart as their deputy director. Guido now understands he’s to take up the role as director of Lord Hannan’s Initiative for Free Trade. Guido can’t think of a better pick…

That’s not the end of the ASI shake-up. Guido can reveal their head of research Matthew Lesh is defecting to the IEA to fill the role as their new head of public policy. Lesh says he’s “extremely excited to be joining the IEA” who “became a beacon of hope and inspiration to millions seeking freedom across the world” amid the post-war consensus. The IEA’s also been facing staff turnover recently following the departure of Emma Revell and Lord Kamall…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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