Rishi: I Was Told My Career Would Be Over If I Backed Brexit

Rishi: I Was Told My Career Would Be Over If I Backed Brexit

Rishi’s just wrapped up his conference speech, it started a little awkwardly and never developed into a barnstorming performance. While it was mostly a routine affair (aside from dashing hopes for tax cuts any time soon), Sunak did take the opportunity to relish in proving a few certain remainers wrong about Brexit:

“I remember over five years ago being told that if I backed Brexit my political career would be over before it had even begun. Well I put my principles first and I always will. I was proud to back Brexit, proud to back Leave. And that’s because, despite the challenges, in the long term I believed the agility, flexibility, and freedom provided by Brexit would be more valuable in a 21st century global economy than just proximity to a market. That in the long term, a renewed culture of enterprise, willingness to take risks and be imaginative would inspire changes in the way we do things at home.”

No prizes for guessing who he’s referring to…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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