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Meet the ‘LIDL Tories’ who Boris Johnson believes will decide the destiny of his government

SHOPPERS snapping up bargains at Britain’s 860 Lidl stores yesterday were unaware that many of them hold the future of Boris Johnson and his party in their baskets.

Lidl Tories — people who voted for Boris at the last election and who shop at the German-owned supermarket — have been identified as swing voters.

Ryan Jenkinson / Story Picture Agency
It’s time for Boris Johnson to start looking out for a different type of voter[/caption]

According to new Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Lidl Tories are like Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman — the people who will dictate the direction of the next general election.

Truss says Lidl Tories want to see low taxes and free trade to keep prices down and leave them more money in their pockets.

And, in a warning to the Prime Minister, she told a think tank the party should look after them, rather than “Waitrose Tories”, who agree with higher taxes and more state intervention in our lives.

So we visited Lidl branches throughout the country to see what Lidl Tories really think.

Pudsey, West Yorkshire

Glen Minikin
Jane Jones was impressed by the Tories’ immunisation programme[/caption]

FOSTER carer Jane Jones, 61, says: “I’m happy with the way the Tories have governed during the pandemic. There were problems with PPE and Matt Hancock, but Boris Johnson has done the best he can.

“The immunisation programme has been brilliant, showing our country to be leading the way with protecting our citizens.

“I voted for Brexit so I did expect teething problems. Labour would have to give me back my pension to earn my confidence. I worked from age 16, then I was told (at age 60) I would have to wait until I’m 66.”

Maldon, Essex

Arthur Edwards / The Sun
Poppy Brown says she’ll consider voting Tory again more carefully[/caption]

WEDDING planner Poppy Brown, 21, who voted Tory in 2019, had just set up her business when Covid struck and she was unable to claim any government help.

Now her business has taken off but she has struggled to get petrol to go to work.

She said: “Putting up National Insurance after having no help during the pandemic is another pressure. I have to consider whether it is possible to stay self-employed.

“Next time I may well vote Tory again but it is something I will consider much more carefully.”

Gosforth, Newcastle

Ross Carr is disappointed about the National Insurance increase[/caption]

BUILDER Ross Carr, 42, said he switched to the Tories because “Labour are pretty poor” but he is disappointed about the National Insurance increase.

He added: “When it comes to tax rises they should be taking it off the rich – people at the top seem to get away with it. Look at all the big companies, they could pay a lot more.

“I think a lot of people took advantage of the furlough scheme and there was some dishonesty there.

“I would consider voting Labour but it would depend on whether the right person was in charge.”

Newport, Wales

Huw Evans
Leanne Couch thinks any party would have struggled during the pandemic[/caption]

MORTGAGE broker Leanne Couch, 36, who was shopping for her six kids aged one to 15, said: “I wanted the UK to leave the EU and I liked the Conservatives’ policies. Then the pandemic hit. Any party in their position would have struggled. I think Boris has done a fantastic job.

“If it had been a Labour government, I don’t think the vaccination rollout would have been as fast.

“That said, everything has gone up in price. I accept that is part of Brexit – but I don’t think the Government can do any more than they’re doing. I’m sticking with Boris.”

Woodley, Berkshire

Hyde News & Pictures
Ricky and Debbie Heffernan like Boris and think he needs to keep supporting Britain[/caption]

RICKY Heffernan and wife Debbie both voted for the Conservatives. Carer Ricky, 55, says: “I have voted Labour once or twice in the last ten years, but I think Boris is great.

“He has handled the pandemic well, people don’t appreciate how tough it can be.”

Wife Debbie, also 55, adds: “I don’t mind the National Insurance rise – it is putting money into the elderly and social care sectors. How is that a bad thing?

“To keep winning, Boris has got to stick to his guns and keep supporting Britain.”

Patriotic voters who work hard and play fair

By Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at Kent University

LIDL Tories could also be called the Greggs Guys – people who work hard, are patriotic and play by the rules.

These are the most important voters for the Conservatives today. They think the system is rigged against them but they are ultimately aspirational voters who believe that if you work hard you can get ahead.

They do not want to be overloaded with taxes. While they want the Government to invest in public services and regions that have been left behind, they also want to climb the ladder.

They want life to be fairer and believe there is one law for the rich and one for the poor. Lidl Tories want respect and recognition and for power to be spread more evenly around the country, not just concentrated in London.

They are apprehensive about a radical, woke Left that no longer believes in Britain.

Boris Johnson has tapped into a large number of them by promising to get Brexit done.

His challenge is to keep them onside by promising he will keep getting the job done.

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