EU Offers Olive Branch, Without Movement on Key UK Red Line

EU Offers Olive Branch, Without Movement on Key UK Red Line

Following Lord Frost’s punchy speech yesterday afternoon, the EU briefed out a sizable olive branch it’s set to offer the UK to resolve the blatant problems at present with the Northern Ireland protocol. Under the proposals, up to 50% of customs checks on goods will be lifted – the figure even higher for controls on meat and plants entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain. The Telegraph reports there could be the creation of a “green lane” for goods entering Northern Ireland from GB, and a separate “red lane”, with additional customs controls, for goods intended for the republic or beyond.

On the media broadcast round this morning, Oliver Dowden told Sky that the government will wait to receive the full announcement, though said the briefed changes above would be “welcome steps” while questions remain regarding the European courts’ role.

Asked by Guido for a reaction last night, UK government sources were holding firm against the EU’s initial offering, though they confirmed that Frost’s demand over the role of European courts is a hard red line, simply saying “it has to go”. Many weeks of fighting and arguing yet to come…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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