Why are British golfers playing under the European flag at Ryder Cup?

TEAM Europe are back in action this weekend at the Ryder Cup to take on Team USA.

Europe won the trophy back from USA in 2018 when the two teams last met but they’ll have to defend their title on American soil this time around.



Team Europe take on Team USA at Whistling Straits this weekend[/caption]

The Ryder Cup begins on September 24 and finishes up on September 26.

And eagle-eyed viewers can expect to see Europe’s British players with the European flags on their attire, despite the event taking place post-Brexit.

Why are British golfers playing under European flag at Ryder Cup?

Although the United Kingdom is no longer in the EU, the country is still a a part of European continent.

Traditionally, the attire that European players wear throughout Ryder Cup weekend is a shade of blue, and you can usually spot emblazoned yellow stars on them too.

Team Europe’s Darren Clarke, who is Northern Irish, said that the UK will always be part of Europe, irrespective of Brexit.

“It makes no difference to us whatsoever because the UK is always going to be part of the European continent.

The Ryder Cup gets going from September 24 and runs until September 26[/caption]

“So we’re going there as Europe. We will still use the European flag because that is our continental flag, and that is what we’re going to do.”

And a spokesperson for the European Tour added: “The criteria for being European in Ryder Cup terms is a geographical one (ie from countries who make up the continent of Europe) not a political or economic one (ie countries who make up the EU).

“Therefore the result of the UK referendum has no bearing in Ryder Cup qualification terms.

“In terms of the flag flown to represent the European Ryder Cup team, we consider that the blue and gold flag of Europe represents the continent of Europe and, as a broad symbol of Europe as a whole, we therefore plan to continue to use it.”

How to watch the Ryder Cup

  • Sky Sports will have a dedicated Ryder Cup channel for the whole week of the competition.
  • The broadcast will begin on Monday, September 20 and run throughout the entire week.
  • You can live stream the Ryder Cup on Now TV, which costs £33.99 a month.
  • Live coverage of the play will begin at 12.45pm on Sky Sports Ryder Cup every day in the UK and Ireland.

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