Tyson Fury brands Eddie Hearn ‘Southern w*****’ and claims promoter tried to sign him in chat with Man Utd icon Neville

TYSON FURY jokingly called Eddie Hearn a ‘southern w*****’ during a chat with Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

The Gypsy King also claimed Hearn tried to sign him and his failure to do so is the promoter’s ‘biggest regret of his life’.

YouTube: The Overlap
Tyson Fury told Gary Neville Eddie Hearn was a ‘southern w*****’[/caption]
YouTube: The Overlap
The Gypsy King reckons the promoter wanted to sign him[/caption]
Hearn recently claimed Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder could be postponed[/caption]

When speaking to The Overlap YouTube channel, Fury, 33, was asked by Neville: “Has Eddie Hearn ever tried to sign you?”

To which Fury replied: “He has. He had the opportunity to do it.

“I believe he said in one of his interviews it was the biggest regret of his life that he didn’t sign the Gypsy King up.”

Rumours suggest Hearn rejected the chance to sign Fury in 2017 – at the beginning of the boxer’s comeback trail – because he was overweight.

The fighter subsequently signed with Frank Warren and achieved significant success, becoming world heavyweight champ again and one of boxing’s most popular stars.

Neville then asked Fury if he liked Hearn, to which he responded: “Eddie Hearn, he is a proper southern w*****.


“I don’t know if you can say that on your show?

“I love to terrorise Eddie because he loves to talk s**t about people that he’s got nothing to do with.

“All Eddie has ever done is talk rubbish about me because he knows it gets him hits and viewing figures on interviews.

“At the end of the day, what’s he ever achieved in his life? He’s never been a boxer.

“He goes around like he’s world heavyweight champion, but he isn’t. He’s just a businessman.

“There’s plenty of them out there but there’s only one, real, heavyweight world champion – and that’s me.”

Fury’s comments come after Hearn claimed the Gypsy King’s trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder will be postponed AGAIN due to a lack of interest.

The two boxers are due to meet on October 9 in Las Vegas but the promoter reckons they’re struggling for ticket sales and there’s a lack of hype.

Speaking to the press, Hearn asked: “Is that fight even happening?

“We are about to announce our next America show for October 16th and that’s only six weeks away and it’s tight but it’s not as big a card as Fury vs Wilder 3 should be.

“They have sold no tickets and there is absolutely zero hype around the fight.

“I am sure, if it happens, that people will turn on and watch it but no one is flying to Vegas.

AJ couldn’t smoke a cigarette, never mind smoke the Gypsy King. He hasn’t got the minerals to fight a man like me.

Tyson Fury on Anthony Joshua

“I reckon 75 per cent of the people that went to the second fight were Brits who had flown over and normal fans cannot do that now.”

But Hearn wants the fight to proceed to allow his client Anthony Joshua to fight Fury in a huge British clash next year.

He added: “I want it to happen 100 per cent. I want a winner of that fight finally sorted so we can try again to make AJ’s undisputed fight.

“But if it doesn’t happen then the WBC have to finally put Fury into recess.

“Fury has not boxed since February 2020 and if he doesn’t box in October then it will be almost two years since that title was defended.

“I think he needs to fight because otherwise he needs to be stripped of the title or made champion-in-recess.

“Because Dillian Whyte has been sitting there as interim champion desperate and deserving of a shot.”

The Overlap is a new YouTube channel from Gary Neville in partnership with Sky Bet.

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