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15.34: Milling confirms she’s out
15.30: Truss enters No. 10
15.30: Rishi confirmed as Chancellor
15.20: Patel enters No. 10
15.18: Raab demoted to Justice secretary however gets Deputy Prime Minister as a consolation prize
15.11: Raab arrives at Downing Street

1504: Boris leaves parliament for Downing Street. Sackings must be over.

14.30: Robert Jenrick (Local government) is out
13.50: Robert Buckland (Justice) is out
13.42: Gavin Williamson (Education) out. Tweets it’s been a “privilege to serve as Education Secretary since 2019″
13.37: Robert Buckland (Justice) arrives at parliament
13.21: Dominic Raab (FCO) arrives at parliament
13.09: Robert Jenrick (local government) also visiting the PM’s Commons office
13:05: Amanda Milling (party chair) visits the PM’s Commons office

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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