Public Blames the Media for Fuel Shortages

Public Blames the Media for Fuel Shortages

Some awkward polling for the media this morning as a YouGov poll released last night find the public blames the press for causing the fuel crisis. Who would have thought the public would see through a deliberate attempt by many in the media to overblow headlines about empty petrol stations to try and create a crisis for the government…

A whopping 47% say the media is to blame, with the government and the public almost tied on 23% and 22% respectively.

ITV reports that in normal times the average daily capacity level of the tanks in the nation’s petrol stations are at around 40%. On Sunday this was down to 10%, however it has recovered to 16% on Monday, holding steady yesterday. Boris will be praying the panic is behind him come Tory conference…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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