Prom-Goer Abused for Turning Down EU Beret

Prom-Goer Abused for Turning Down EU Beret

This year’s Proms may have avoided any large-scale BBC rows about whether Rule, Britannia fetishises the empire, yet the venue was nonetheless bedecked with EU flags during the final performance. A huge proportion of those in the crowd also wore EU-branded berets. While Remainers may have had their hopes up that this was a spontaneous outpouring of middle-class metropolitan EU-loving, the reality was quite different. The berets were handed out by activists in and outside of the building for free, there to protest the inability for musicians to do visa-free tours of the continent now. Famously Britain’s music scene only sprung up after 1975…

God forbid any patriotic music lovers turned down a free beret, though. One co-conspirator dared decline the head garb, politely telling the Remainer, “no thank you, I’m here for the proms”. In return they were greeted with insults ranging from “f**king Tory” to accusations of being a “member of the Bullingdon”… 

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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