Lisa Nandy Heaps Praise on Boris and the Tories

Lisa Nandy Heaps Praise on Boris and the Tories

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy spent the best part of yesterday levelling praise at the government during an interview with Financial Times’ Sebastian Payne at a fringe event. Nandy explained to the audience of Labour members:

“One thing that I think people do like about Boris Johnson, you know when I talk to people back home … they do like the relentless positivity, and the thinking big and the big ambition” 

She further admitted that the Labour Party sound “pretty miserable” by comparison…

Nandy then proceeded to heap praise on Levelling up Minister Michael Gove opining that ” he’s the sort of person who gets things done”, before putting down  Angela Rayner for her ‘scum’ rant, stating quite clearly that “it’s not the way I do politics”. It’s shame Dowden’s just been appointed Tory chairman – Nandy sounds like she’d have been excellent…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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