Eamonn Holmes warns fans to get their Christmas shopping FINISHED by October amid lorry driver shortages

EAMONN Holmes has warned fans to get their Christmas shopping FINISHED by the end of October amid lorry shortages.

The This Morning co-host admitted he would be getting the presents in before Halloween to ensure gifts arrived in time for the big day.

Eamonn encouraged fans to get their shopping done early[/caption]
The star worried that the HGV shortage may affect Christmas shopping[/caption]

Eamonn, 61, told Best magazine that readers should “get their fingers out” in order to overcome any problems with the supply chain.

The telly star referenced the current lack of HGV lorry drivers, which has affected the delivery of petrol across the UK this week.

“I’m always of the opinion that, if you haven’t got your Christmas shopping started and finished in October, it’s going to be a a tight squeeze,” he said.

Eamonn continued of the pressure to finish his shopping: “This year, Santa and everyone else is going to be under pressure like never before.

“If you haven’t started yet, then get your finger out – because a combination of lorry driver shortages, Brexit and the ‘pingdemic’ forcing people to self-isolate has absolutely wrecked the supply chain.”

“On top of that, poor food harvests around the world are making the problem even worse,” he concluded.

The UK has been experiences a shortage of HGV drivers – causing a delivery crisis that has left shelves empty and McDonald’s without milkshakes.

It was caused by a “perfect storm” of veteran drivers leaving the profession, lack of new drivers training during the coronavirus pandemic, some workers returning to EU countries and a backlog in driver tests.

Lorry drivers are vital to keep our nation functioning but the growing recruitment shortage has seen supermarket shelves left bare.

Some pubs have been run dry, while McDonald’s was unable to serve milkshakes and Nando’s forced to close over chicken delivery shortages.

The shortage has even put the supply of school dinners under threat as recruiters fail to find enough drivers to fill the spaces.

Many firms are offering £2,000 signing-on bonuses to new recruits, who can expect to pocket up to £45,000 a year as an experienced driver.

Currently just two per cent of HGV drivers are women but industry experts are calling on more females to apply.

In September, the Government announced up to 50,000 more HGV driving tests will be made available each year in a streamlined the testing process.

HGV driving tests will be simplified meaning drivers will only need to take one test to drive both a rigid and articulated lorry.

This will make around 20,000 more HGV driving tests available every year and means drivers can gain their licence and enter the industry quicker.

Recruiters from companies, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, are luring truckers with mega pay deals.

In a further boost, Brexit border checks that were due to come into force in October 2021 have been shelved.

Extra red tape on food and goods shipments from the continent will not start until July 2022 to help tackle the crisis.


New statistics have shown that more than a quarter of Brits have already started shopping for Christmas due to the delivery shortages.

Some 45 per cent say they plan to shun big online retailers to avoid disappointment with 31 per cent set to shop locally instead, a survey said.

Nearly half also said they aim to have at least started buying gifts by October to beat any possible delivery hold-ups.

One mum spoke exclusively to The Sun about having all of her presents for the big day already – and they are ALL already wrapped.

Eamonn presents on This Morning alongside wife Ruth[/caption]
There has been a HGV driver shortage across the UK[/caption]

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