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Amazon offers free £50 to staff who turn up to work on time

AMAZON has introduced a £50 weekly bonus in some of its warehouses to incentivise staff to be punctual.

Employees can get the extra cash if they simply turn up to work on time and don’t miss a shift.

Michael Schofield - The Sun Glasgow
You could get an extra £50 a week if you have full work attendance[/caption]

The reward is for people who have 100% attendance, but that doesn’t count time taken off for sickness linked to disability and Covid.

You have to be in a permanent contract with Amazon too, so it won’t be applicable to those who don’t have regularly scheduled hours.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We are currently offering an attendance bonus at a number of locations to permanent associates to support our summer demand and help us prepare for the festive season ahead.”

The extra £50 will be given to employees each week if they have made it to work without missing a day for all scheduled shifts.

The bonus is being offered at sites in Durham and Gateshead according to the BBC, but it’s not clear if other warehouses will be joining in the incentive too.

If you’re an employee at Amazon and think you meet the requirements for the bonus then you should speak to your manager about whether the site is offering it and how you can be in line to claim.

Orders from the online giant are likely to sky rocket now we are approaching Christmas, so Amazon is hoping the incentive will help meet the demand.

Only last week, the company advertised a £1,000 joining bonus for new warehouse workers too to boost staff numbers.

The advertised jobs were listed with pay for the role up to £11.10 an hour for daytime shifts, and £22.20 an hour for overtime.

So if you joined as a new recruit at one of the eligible sites and worked a full time 40-hour week you could earn up to £444 plus the £50, provided you don’t miss any shifts, giving you a weekly pay packet of up to £494.

As well as the busy few months ahead, the drive comes as the UK experiences a nationwide staffing crisis.

Job vacancies were at a record high in August, with 953,000 reported in the three months to July.

The furlough scheme, Brexit and the “pingdemic” are all being blamed for the current recruitment challenges.

One of the biggest sectors hit by the crisis is the shortage of lorry drivers, as supermarkets like Tesco have offered their own £1,000 joining bonuses to get more recruits on board.


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