Terrifying new rollercoaster built on top of a MOUNTAIN to open next summer – with 110ft drop

A NEW rollercoaster is opening this year – which is built on top of a MOUNTAIN.

Defiance will be built on the Iron Mountain in Colorado, which is 1,300 feet above the Colorado River.

A new rollercoaster is to open next year – on top of a mountain[/caption]

It is being built at the Glenwood Cavern’s Adventure Park, and only the brave will want to try it.

The ride will feature an 110ft freefall drop down the mountain at beyond-vertical 102.3 degrees.

To get to the freefall drop, passengers will climb 75ft and get panoramic views, 7,132ft above sea level, before plummeting into a ravine.

The theme park’s manager Nancy Heard told USA Today: “The view will be absolutely phenomenal. And the drop will take your breath away.”

Even scarier, is the eight ride trains won’t have the standard over-shoulder restraints, with just a lap bar keeping passenger in the carts.

Ms Heard added: “You’ll be suspended at the top of the mountain looking down at Glenwood Springs before you disappear into the abyss with nothing but a lap bar.”

Passengers will ride at speeds up to 56mph, with three inversions including a zero-G roll.

It won’t even be easy to get to the ride – guests at Glenwood Caverns have to take a gondola from the base of the car park to the top of the mountain.

Another terrifying rollercoaster to open next year also in the US claims to be the “steepest dive coaster” with drops of more than 90 degrees.

Defiance will be on top of the Iron Mountain in Colorado[/caption]
Passengers will drop more than 100ft into the mountain ravine[/caption]
The ride will also have three stomach-churning inversions[/caption]

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