‘Pointless’ cookie requests on websites will finally be axed – and you can thank Brexit

ANNOYING website cookie requests will finally be axed as part of a post-Brexit bonfire of Brussels red-tape.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has vowed to rip up stringent GDPR rules he believes are throttling the digital economy.

Cookies will be scrapped[/caption]
Oliver Dowden is promising to rip up Brussels red tape[/caption]

In his crosshairs are the “pointless” cookie checks that ironclad EU law requires to pop up each time a user visits a site, he told the Telegraph.

Under plans revealed today Mr Dowden promises Brits a Brexit “digital dividend” that will rid them of these checks.

The Cabinet Minister intends to radically overhaul the country’s data regs so they’re “based on common sense, not box-ticking.”

He hopes the rules rout will fuel economic growth, pointing out that £11billion worth of trade is scuppered because of data barriers.

He likely faces a fight from privacy campaigners afraid that firms will be free to harvest more of their personal info.

New Zealand’s privacy chief John Edwards has been poached as the UK’s new data watchdog to ensure rights are protected.

Britain also plans to strike “data partnerships” with other countries such as the US, Australia and South Korea to help share information.

Mr Dowden said: “Now that we have left the EU I’m determined to seize the opportunity by developing a world-leading data policy that will deliver a Brexit dividend for individuals and businesses across the UK.”

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