Met Police officer who was hailed ‘inspirational’ for face down anti-lockdown protests faces probe over ‘racist’ Tweets

A METROPOLITAN police officer who was hailed for confronting anti-lockdown protesters is being probed over a selection of racist Tweets, it has been reported.

Ruby Begum, 26, went viral for her efforts in the force last year, with senior colleagues calling her inspirational.

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Ruby Begum was hailed a hero last year for her efforts on the front line against anti-lockdown protesters[/caption]

But in the months before she joined the Met in 2016, the constable is said to have used Twitter to insult Jews and mock the 9/11 attacks.

Miss Begum – who works for the Met’s Taskforce dealing with public order – has reportedly been running a Twitter account under the name Ruby Beees since 2012, posting more than 25,000 messages.

The officer’s now deleted account, seen by the Mail Online, was said to be largely unremarkable, tweeting about things like football, her cat and raising money for charity.

But the paper reports that she frequently used the offensive term “kuffar” to describe non-Muslims and described Pakistanis as “p***s”.

She is also said to have slammed Zionists – people who believe in the protection of a Jewish nation in Israel, also used as code for Jews.

She reportedly wrote in July 2014: “Kuffar lips have been all over my mug there is no way I’m using that thing again.”

Instagram / medlabroc
The officer now faces a police probe over alleged racist tweets[/caption]
Instagram / medlabroc
Miss Begum is currently on restricted duty as the Met investigates[/caption]

The paper reports that most of her antisemitic comments were made in 2014 when Israel launched an attack against the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

It was prompted by the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas.

The seven-week conflict claimed more than 2,000 lives, mostly Palestinians.

As the war raged, Miss Begum wrote: “Dirty Zionist. Jahannam [hell] is awaiting.”

In another tweet, she wrote: “Israel have no limits. Scumbags I can’t wait for the day they get severely punished.”

Later that year, she said: “Zionists have no hearts! They’ll get what’s coming to them subhanallah [glory be to God].”

In March 2014, referring to the fierce cricketing rivalry between Pakistan and Bangladesh, Miss Begum tweeted: “I don’t care about cricket, just love this thing between Bengalis and p***s.”

And on September 11, 2019, the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Miss Begum tweeted: “Omg [O my God] it’s 9/11 today? Jokes, I only noticed.”

On the same anniversary in 2014, she reportedly wrote: “Must be stupid if you think I’m gonna do 2 mins silence for 9/11.”

The Met has launched an investigation and referred the matter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Miss Begum has also been placed on “restricted duties”. 

Last night, the Met said: “There is no place within the Met for any racist, homophobic or otherwise hateful attitudes and officers and staff can expect robust action should they be found to hold or express such views.

“The information provided by The Mail on Sunday regarding a police constable’s social media posts is concerning and is being treated very seriously.

“Following that assessment, the Met made a voluntary referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct who determined that the matter should be investigated locally. 

“The Directorate of Professional Standards will now conduct a thorough investigation to establish the full circumstances behind the social media posts. The officer has been notified of the investigation and placed on restricted duties.”

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