Lorry driver shortage POLL: Whose fault is it? Brexit or the shops?

LORRY DRIVER shortages have shut down stores and petrol stations across the country. Express.co.uk wants to know what you think is to blame. Vote in our poll and comment on this article.

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  1. Perhaps it is neither Brexit or shops, maybe it's the haulage employers who don't pay a decent wage.

  2. Douglas Richardson
    Lorry drivers have been exploited since I started 1969 you have to enjoy doing the job. I did not have to take an HGV I got it under grandfathers rights. But I started at the bottom with a milk lorry TK Bedford for 6 months then helping the haulage drivers coming into the yard in the afternoon with roping sheeting Then move up to a haulage lorry KM Bedford on A licence trembling all over the UK Then they brought in the O licence the rates dropped Like a load from Glasgow of cardboard to Maidstone paid about £110 for a 10-ton load. I changed to a company that only hauled its own load's of wine the money was a lot better and artics, as they bottled it in the UK on a C licence Than the O licence, was brought in so the company could haul other goods we went from 3 lorries to 11 lorries over a few months took wine up but found loads back if no bottles to bring back from as far as Scotland to the south coast One day no bottles to come back from Scotland so told to look for a load back phoned a contact in Glasgow I knew he said load to Maidstone Done it before on a 10 tonner £110 this was 2 years later asked him what rate £115 for 20 tons like he said the O licence has brought the rates down sorry plus since the O licence drivers wages did not go up very much to many lorries chasing after work at low rates thankfully I am retired for the last 15 years


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